"You'd just be falling into the same trap that managements always use to keep wages low and workers weak."

"Oh, go dance on the head of a pin."


Daria's conscience. An angel figure who appears over Daria's left shoulder to give her advice.

In true cartoon schtick, Daria's conscience makes an appearance to convince Daria to do "the right thing" when she is faced with a choice of serving as a substitute teacher during the Lawndale High teacher's strike. The conscience looks exactly like Daria except that she sports white wings, a halo, and a harp. Naturally, a devilish version also appears, decked out in horns, spiked tail, and pitchfork.

Daria's conscience takes the position that it would be wrong for Daria to take on the substitute position, using the argument that she'd be betraying her teachers (an argument picked up immediately by the devilish version) and points out that she'd be playing into the system that keeps wages low and workers weak.

The devilish version is far more cynical (naturally) and tells off the conscience more than once during the exchange, finally hitting on the argument that accepting the position would make Quinn's life really miserable. Thus, consensus is reached, and the two otherworldly figures go have lunch, leaving Daria to accept the position.


First Appearance: Lucky Strike