"I figure, being attractive and popular, that's what I'm good at. Maybe it's not really important, but you know, it's what I can do."

Daria's younger, cuter, perkier, more popular sister - though it was a long time before Quinn would admit to being anything closer than her cousin.

To quote Quinn directly, her priorities are: (1) Dating, (2) Shopping, (3) Bouncy Hair, (4) School. These priorities served her through the first half of her high school career, until her junior year when she began realizing the importance of school. Even then, however, she kept the other three items high on her list.

Usually, Quinn is seen in the company of the Fashion Club, for which she holds the office of Vice President. Her friends Sandi, Stacy, and Tiffany share her value system for the most part, and they get along well enough except for those occasions when petty jealousies get in the way - usually between Quinn and Sandi. Of her friends, Quinn seems most comfortable in Stacy's company, as Sandi is locked in eternal competition with her and Tiffany is just too vacuous. Her relationship with Sandi improved considerably when Sandi had a brief bout with chubbiness and Quinn helped her slim down again.

Quinn is overjoyed by the idea of guys fighting over her, particularly Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie - whose name Quinn tends to forget.

She had a brief bout with intellectual depth during her freshman year when she wrote an essay for O’Neill's class, but was later forced by Daria to re-assume her own identity. This does not keep her from considering herself a deeply spiritual person, and she does believe she has a guardian angel. Eventually, spurred on by a low test score, Quinn decides she doesn't want to be a dummy, and spends the summer with a tutor to try and actually learn something. She ends up developing something of an attraction for David, her tutor, even though he's nothing like the intellectually challenged pretty-boys she usually dates. David turns her down for a date, however, and Quinn is devastated - but she recovers.

Quinn treasures her popularity, and goes to extremes to preserve it. She dates all the guys she can (though she won't even slow dance until the fifth date), hangs out only with other popular people, keeps a very active social calendar, and refuses for a long time to admit that a brainy, geeky girl like Daria is her sister (ever since she went to Camp Grizzly as a child, she has insisted that Daria is her cousin, or sometimes a considerably more distant relation). She has a weakness for cute little animals, and once worked at a pet store where she got along very well with everyone but the snake.

Despite her usual pattern of dating all the guys she can, Quinn once determined that having a steady boyfriend might have its advantages, and tried it out - but proved incapable of maintaining such a relationship for longer than a single day. This was partly due to misinformation fed to her by Daria about what such a relationship should entail.

Quinn and Daria never got along well as children, and this trend has continued throughout the years. It was only toward the end of high school that they began to be able to relate to each other with anything approaching friendliness. During her junior year, Quinn finally admits that Daria is actually her sister (and even seems to do so with a certain amount of pride). She makes further overtures of friendship when her Aunt Rita visits and Quinn gets a good look at what happens to siblings who spend their lives at each other's throats.

During the close of her junior year, Quinn was compelled to get a job to pay off a large credit card bill, and chose to become a hostess/server at Governor's Park restaurant (Note - Quinn claims that this is her first job, which is not actually the case as she worked at the pet store in the mall. The most likely explanation for this discrepancy is that the writers made a mistake). There she met Lindy, a college student. The two of them hit it off well, but Quinn became concerned over Lindy's drinking problem and confronting her with it almost ruined their new friendship. Quinn took a sabbatical from the Fashion Club to work at the restaurant, and decided in the end not to go back to the club. Each of the other club members followed suit, and the Fashion Club was subsequently disbanded.


First Appearance: Esteemsters