"Okay guys, back to work. You heard 'The Man'."

No names given.

Trent hires three workmen to repair the Lane family gazebo after it collapses in a video-filming accident. The workmen prove to be little good for anything but lounging around and drinking beer, thus putting Trent in the difficult and unprecedented position of having to take charge and motivate them to work.

The contractors try to convince Trent that they're conceptualizing and discussing measurements when they're actually slacking off, but Trent isn't fooled (he's the King of slacking off, and knows it when he sees it). He tries to get harsh with them and get them to work, but the task proves too much for Trent, and he eventually ends up slacking right beside them. An angry Jane takes charge and gets all of them (including Trent) on their feet to finish the damn job.


First Appearance: Art Burn