"Hey, sometimes you got to take things as they come. Relax and see what happens."

Jane's older brother, aspiring musician, lead singer of Mystik Spiral, and Daria's crush.

Trent spends most of his time sleeping, and most of the rest of his time practicing his guitar. His band could probably be considered on par with a garage band in terms of talent, though they do at least have regular gigs at the Zon club. His lyrics are rather pitiful: "Soothe me with redemption's love, like a heat-proof kitchen glove".  Trent claims to take his career as a musician very seriously, though there's plenty of evidence to the contrary (like the fact that he's continually late for gigs and auditions).

He has a Maori tattoo on is arm which he got out of a magazine. Presumably, he got it at Axl's which also does piercing. He has three silver hoop earrings in each ear, like his sister Jane.

Trent occasionally wonders if he's wasting his life. Daria pointed out to him once that he's at least doing what he wants to do, which seemed to put him at ease. Still, he has little regard for his audience, and feels that no one takes his pursuit of a dream seriously. The real problem is that Trent himself seems to take nothing particularly seriously, and often disappoints those who are counting on him.

When he was younger, Trent once moved into a tent in the back yard, waiting to see if anyone cared enough to invite him back in. No one did, but he moved back in on his own after six months.

Trent has a much closer relationship with Jane than with the rest of his family. He enjoys spending time with her and even feels comfortable enough to borrow her toothbrush. When Jane decides to attend college, Trent is opposed to the idea at first, worrying how it will affect their relationship, but Jane is able to quiet his fears.

Trent seems to be unaware of Daria's crush on him, though he has said that if she were older, he would take her out. In addition, he encouraged her to get a navel piercing because "it would look really hot". Beyond this, he's made no indication that he thinks of Daria as more than a friend, but who can say? In any event, Daria's attraction to him as more than a friend ended when Trent waffled on a school project he was supposed to help her with.

His own time at school holds few, if any, fond memories for Trent - he seems to be particularly bothered by the idea of Algebra. He fails to recognize O'Neill at one point, even though he used to write "down with the man" on O'Neill's car with soap. He doesn't even remember whether he graduated or not.

Trent's best friend is Jesse Moreno, the rhythm guitarist for Mystik Spiral, and they have apparently known each other for a long time - perhaps going back to grade school.  Other members of the band include Max Tyler and Nick Campbell.  Trent dates a girl named Monique on occasion, but they tend to have messy break-ups every other week.

There's something on Trent's keychain that looks like a St. Christopher’s Medal.

Trent discourages Jane from going to art college, claiming that she doesn't need to go because she's already an artist, and even getting a little nasty about it when she decides to apply anyway. It turns out that Trent was worried that with Jane in Boston and himself in Lawndale, they might lose touch with each other the way they have with the rest of their family. Jane insists that this won't happen, and in a show of support Trent attends her high school graduation ceremony.

NOTE: Glenn Eichler once stated during an interview in TV Guide that he is planning a spin-off series dealing with Trent and Mystik Spiral. No details are known, but we shall hope!


First Appearance: The Invitation