"Daria, the product is you. Successful alumni reflect well on colleges and foundations, so you need to project 'winner' the minute you walk in the door. Dress for success, look that interviewer in the eye, and dazzle him with a million-dollar smile!"

Interviewing coach.

Dr. Danada makes his living by coaching people on how to best present themselves for an interview, be it for a job or, as in Daria's case, a scholarship application. He has presumably worked with people in Helen's firm, and with Andrew Landon.

During his session with Daria, he gives her some advice and is then rather surprised by her sarcastic comebacks, and wonders why she came to see him in the first place. He doesn't see his techniques as dishonesty, as Daria seems to, but rather as simply being confident and presenting oneself in the best possible light.

Dr. Danada also has a session with Jodie Landon, who takes his advice a good deal more seriously than Daria if her appearance at the interview is any indication.


First Appearance: Prize Fighters