"It's a good thing breakdowns aren't allowed in our family!"

Jodie's father.

Andrew Landon is the driving force behind Jodie's compulsion to succeed. He continually pressures his daughter to do better in school and in life, assuming that this is what's best for her. He seems unaware that he's pushing too hard.

He also pushes himself to succeed, having made himself wealthy by inventing a folding paper coffee cup and presumably other things as well, though we never hear about them. Appearance and image are very important to him - he waited on a list for three years to get into an exclusive club, and drives a Jaguar. He also rents the penthouse suite for a business conference where Jake also attends. Andrew claims to double his net worth every six months, though this is likely an exaggeration.

Andrew went to college at Turner, a primarily black university. His daughter Jodie expresses a wish to do the same, but Andrew insists that she'd be better off at Crestmore, a more prestigious university. With some convincing by Mack, he eventually relents and lets Jodie go to the school of her choice (but does so grudgingly). It's noteworthy that when Mack first approaches him, Andrew is scared that he might be there to tell him Jodie is pregnant.

Another item on Andrew's list of things to make himself prestigious is his attempt to get into Lawndale’s Winged Tree Country Club, for which he compels Jodie to take golf lessons. It is not known whether he gets in.

Andrew is obviously very proud of his new son, Evan, who is about to have a very, very stressful childhood. He insists that Evan is not to go into day care, obviously a point of friction between him and his wife Michelle.

At the aforementioned conference, he introduces Jake Morgendorffer to Terry Barry Barlow.


First Appearance: Gifted