"If our national security is compromised, you can bet there's a woman at the bottom of it."

Erin's husband.

Brian and Erin were married with Quinn and Daria in attendance as bridesmaids. After the wedding descended into chaos, he somehow slipped away and ended up in a bowling alley nursing a beer and swearing he wouldn't go back.

Presumably, he and Erin managed to make their relationship work for a while despite such rocky beginnings. They were still together a year later - though they were talking about divorce. Brian had insisted on a pre-nuptial agreement whereby they would split everything 50-50, even though Erin would ordinarily have been entitled to more than half. Despite this, Brian seems to decide he doesn't want to divorce Erin, and when he finds her at a spa in Europe they have a second honeymoon.

Brian worked in a government intelligence agency, though it's unclear which one. Actually, he was fired the day they got back from their honeymoon - which raises the question of whether Brian was lying about the whole thing.

He apparently has some chauvinistic attitudes, and a case of genital herpes which he passed on to Erin before they were married.

Quinn believes Erin should divorce Brian because "he's short".


First Appearance: I Don't