No last name given. Student at Lawndale High.

Dawn is a very quiet girl who has never said a word on the show. She wears headphones at all times, shares some classes with Daria, and little is known about her.

On the occasion when O'Neill gave his assignment to "fail at something" Dawn is seen reading "The Belljar". It is not known whether this is part of the assignment or whether she was reading for her own reasons, but she does not seem to enjoy the book.

She is seen at the Homecoming parade applauding the passing of floats, and leaving the movie theater after Daria and Jane saw a B-movie about aliens attacking Earth and getting their butts whipped. She is also seen applauding Upchuck's sidewalk magic act, and later shows up at his stage performance.

Dawn's first name comes from the MTV website.


First Appearance: Esteemsters