"Charles is my name, exploring the dark underbelly of passion is my game!"

Student at Lawndale High. Fancies himself the ultimate ladies' man. He is wrong.

Charles, or "Upchuck" as he is unpopularly known, has an abrasive personality and a habit of propositioning every woman he meets, even if they're about to arrest him. The best word to describe him is "pseudo-suave".

He is intelligent, and one of the few students who can hold his own in a conversation with Daria. However, his ability to converse at length about a number of trivial concerns is one of the more annoying things about him. Because he is bright, it is difficult to imagine that he doesn't realize how much others despise him, and it is possible he puts up a deliberate front to keep people from getting to close. He and Daria have this in common, though she'd never admit it.

When the chips are down, Upchuck is all talk. He wouldn't know what to do with a girl who threw herself at him, runs away when faced with the possibility of real intimacy, and even gets scared of a fake breast that Daria provides for him (long story). This might be one of the reasons he chases after unattainable women, such as Daria, Jane, and Andrea (although, surprisingly, he finally succeeds with Andrea in the end). While he is definitely attracted to Daria, he doesn’t seem bothered by the idea that during her senior year, she's dating Tom exclusively - he even seems encouraged by the idea that they're having sex (which is just a rumor).

Upchuck is a voyeur, and often takes photographs as keepsakes (and blackmail material). He also craves attention for himself.

He has worked as an emcee for modeling shows and has experience as a DJ. He is the announcer at the Lawndale Lions football games. He is also a fairly talented stage magician, and impresses Stacy with this particular talent to the point that she is willing to perform as his assistant in a show he puts on for the whole school. For some reason, Upchuck does not subsequently pursue a relationship with Stacy. He collects fast-food premiums, like a California Raisins poseable eraser set.

During the Homecoming parade, Upchuck drove a pink convertible Cadillac decked out as "The Love Machine". His car broke down at one point and stopped the parade. When two policewomen demanded he move it, he got fresh with them and was given a brief lesson in applied police brutality.

In his senior year, Upchuck started a dot-com company (exotic candies) in order to impress the Wizard Foundation, from which he was trying to obtain a scholarship. Actually, he pulled out all the possible stops to brown-nose the interviewer, but failed to win the scholarship. Jodie and Daria were also finalists and likewise failed.

Upchuck has two cousins his own age named Brett and Brad, who share some of his attitudes (though they're more subtle about it).

Upchuck's college plans are unknown. Presumably, he will be going to some kind of business school.

At Jodie's graduation party, Upchuck set his sights on Andrea, whom he referred to as a "dark eyes mistress of sweet, sweet pain" and tried out one of his cheesy pick-up lines on her. He was more astonished than anyone when it actually worked, and the two of them left the party arm in arm. Where their relationship went from there is unknown.


First Appearance: The Invitation