Also known as "Burnout girl". She appears in the background at least once in every episode.

Karen can occasionally be seen wandering the halls of Lawndale High, never saying a word, never doing anything of interest. She has long blonde hair that sometimes falls over her eyes and wears a black jacket with a red skull on the back.

She once took a major spill off the trampoline in gym class (Daria and Jane were meant to be spotting, but weren't paying attention). She seems to have suffered no ill effects, and was even well enough to fall off the uneven bars on a later occasion. Her brief scream upon falling off is her only speaking line on the show.

She attended O'Neill's self-esteem course with Daria and Jane, and sits next to Daria at the graduation ceremony.

Karen is modeled after the real Karen Disher, supervising Director of the show.

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First Appearance: Esteemsters