Several actual people from behind the scenes on "Daria" have made animated appearances on the show.

Apart from Karen Disher and Glenn Eichler, the following real people have appeared:

Brian Moyer, Layout Artist - from "Malled", one of the Doo-Dad Shop employees (the heavyset one).  He is also seen in several other places, including Brittany's fantasy sequence in "College Bored" and, like many others, in the crowd at the parade.

Guy Moore, Director - from "Malled", one of the Doo-Dad Shop employees (the tall thin one with the goatee).

Mike Baez, Character Designer - from "A Tree Grows in Lawndale", unknown.

Susie Lewis Lynn, Producer - from "Fair Enough", in the crowd at the dinner theater (punk girl with pink-and-black hair).

John Worth Lynn, Produce - from "Fair Enough", in the crowd at the dinner theater (guy with longish blond hair).

Amy Palmer, Producer - from "College Bored", unknown.

Chris Costan, Color Supervisor - from "Fair Enough", unknown.

Shane Guenego, Production Assistant - from "Quinn the Brain", unknown. Also from "That Was Then, This Is Dumb", selling Christmas Trees at the Flea Market.

R.J. Murphy, Office Manager - from "Quinn the Brain", unknown.

Kirk-Albert Etienne, Character Designer - from "Quinn the Brain", unknown.

David Trexler, Production Manager - from "Quinn the Brain", unknown.

Chris Prynoski, Director - from "Esteemsters", unknown.

George Brennan, Assistant Director - from "Fair Enough", unknown.

Cindy Brolsma, Producer - from "Quinn the Brain", unknown.

Maria Rodas, Associate Producer - from "The Lost Girls", unknown.

Lemon Krasny, Co-Producer - from "Fair Enough", unknown.

Karen Kunkel, Post Production Producer - from "Legends of the Mall", unknown.

Lisa Collins, Production Coordinator - from "Daria Dance Party", unknown.

Corey Block, Production Coordinator - from "Fire!", unknown.

Jody Schaeffer, Background Designer - from "The Daria Hunter", unknown.

Tom Marsan, Art Director - from "I Loathe a Parade", unknown.

Sophie Kitteredge, Colorist - from "Fair Enough", unknown.

Also see Eric Schrecter, Erin Mills, Michelle Klein-Hass, Mystery Character.

(NOTE: For many of these people, I have not been able to pinpoint their exact appearance. Any help with this would be appreciated. Until I get the pictures up on this site, you can find them on the official MTV page, in "Definitive Daria" chapter one, under Transformed Staff.)


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