"But I like going over my will. It's got all that money!"

Jake Morgendorffer from Daria's story about the future.

The future Jake is a lot more happy and relaxed than his present-day counterpart. It is suggested that his triple-bypass surgery gave him a new perspective on life.

Future Jake dotes on his daughters and loves his grandchildren, though the youngest cries when he makes googly faces. He also enjoys going over his will, as it has a lot of money in it.

He insists on having a family game of cards with his kids, just because he's so happy they turned out so well and he wants to do something together as a family with them. He refers to Daria as a "crusader" because she writes her newspaper column and wakes people up to the truth, and congratulates Quinn on putting her energy that used to be focused on herself into raising her children.  (see also - Future Helen)


First Appearance: Write Where it Hurts