"Oh, Trent. Whatever happened to the man I married?"

Three versions of an older, twentysomething Daria have appeared on the show.

The first appeared in "Write Where it Hurts" where Daria wrote a story that included herself as a character. In Daria's story, she was a successful newspaper columnist who was married to a man named Marcello. This future version of herself seemed happy with her life, though she still kept a healthy amount of cynicism about her.

The second appeared in "Lane Miserables" where Daria imagines her future with Trent, who has become a chubby, lazy, self-pitying slob. This future Daria works double-shifts at a gene splicing lab and lives in a crummy apartment. (the quote above is from this version).

The third also appeared in "Lane Miserables" where Daria imagines a happier future with Trent, where they are very successful and Trent considers her the best thing that ever happened to him.


First Appearance: Write Where it Hurts