"Quit? You can't quit Gary's Gallery!"

No last name given. Owner of "Gary's Gallery".

Gary runs a store where he sells copies of famous paintings re-created by local artists - including, for a short time, Jane Lane. He is first impressed by her copy of Van Gogh's "Starry Night" which she painted and displayed upside-down at the "Art in the Park" fair. He offers to sell her paintings - not originals, but copies of great historical works - and take a 60% commission.

Jane's paintings prove popular enough that Gary lowers his share of the take when Jane tries to quit. However, Jane begins to feel bad about becoming a hack copier, and imagines an elaborate scheme whereby Gary is actually an art-counterfeiting kingpin using her and other young artists to make millions on the black market. The whole scenario is, of course, preposterous and untrue. Jane comes to the realization that the work is affecting her mind, and eventually leaves Gary’s Gallery behind. Gary says she's welcome to come back anytime.

One of Gary's regular customers is Steve Taylor, who buys some of Jane's work.

Gary says that his copies are in demand because his customers like the look and feel of an actual painting as opposed to a poster print, even if it's not an original.

Not to be confused with Lawndale High student Gary who has a paint fight during the Homecoming parade.


First Appearance: Art Burn