"You like cosmetics? I'll get you into a focus group. The pay is a joke but there's free lip gloss out the ying yang. Good stuff, too. They try it on cats first. You meet my wife? Boy, was she a knockout when she was young."

Brittany's father.

Steve Taylor is an advertising executive, and all around schmoozer. He was married to a woman named Vivian, and had two children with her (Brittany and Brian) but they later divorced and Steve married beer model Ashley-Amber.

His home is decorated in a dead-animal motif. There are trophies all over his house, some heads on the wall, some stuffed and mounted as entire bodies. He also hangs art reproductions from Gary's Gallery, and once bought a Van Gogh that was actually painted by Jane. He loves to brag about his possessions.

Steve dotes on Brittany in a way that is almost disturbing, but has zero patience for his bratty son Brian, whom he affectionately calls "you little turd". He has no qualms about "borrowing" from Brian's college fund to buy presents for Brittany.

It's apparent from his behavior that he considers his wife Ashley-Amber to be not much more than eye candy (and, to be fair, she isn't).


First Appearance: The Old and the Beautiful