"I'm Happy Herb and I sell cars, so come on down!"

Last name unknown. Owner of a used car dealership.

Happy Herb owns a used car dealership in Lawndale, and on one occasion makes a deal with Trent to write and perform a jingle. Trent receives twenty dollars, an hour of free studio time, and a set of new tires out of the deal.

The jingle goes:

If you don't have a car or your present car sucks,
Go to Happy Herb with a few thousand bucks,

Then you can drive here, You can drive there,
Drive where you want, Happy Herb don't care.

It won't make you better or smarter, that's true,
But you can drive around when there's nothing else to do.

So go buy a car,
Buy a damn car!
Hit the road to nowhere in your Happy Herb car.


First Appearance: The Lawndale File