"Oh God, I'll never learn how to love!"

Jane's oldest brother.

Wind is a very emotional man who seems to have trouble staying married - he's on his third wife and they're having problems. He's known to show up without warning at Casa Lane, crying his eyes out over his most recent matrimonial disaster. One of his previous wives was named Claudia.

He lives in a houseboat with his third wife Katy - when he's not separated from her for one reason or another. Fortunately, he has no children.

Wind gets at least some of his information on having a successful marriage from the TV program "The Living Marriage - A Holistic Blueprint for Loving". One assumes that he either doesn't listen very well, or the show doesn't actually present much useful information.

Of all the wandering Lanes, Wind tends to show up most often - generally because his wife of the month kicks him out. On an occasion that Daria stays over at Jane’s for the night, Jane sets her up in Penny's room instead of Wind's so Daria won't have to face the possibility of having him turn up in the middle of the night in tears asking for advice on marriage. He's a little more touchy-feely than his siblings, and gives hugs in greeting that aren't generally returned.

Wind once tried to change his name to Ronald, but his parents (Amanda, Vincent) told him the story about the "naming gazebo" and how they took each of their children there to decide their names. Wind is terribly distraught when the gazebo is accidentally destroyed, and begs Jane and Trent to rebuild it, which they do. Unfortunately, the story is B.S., and the gazebo is of no importance whatsoever (though this story does show that the Lanes have lived in the same house in Lawndale at least since their oldest child was born).

Wind mistakes Daria for Penny on one of his trips home. This is perhaps forgivable because they likely don't see each other very often.


First Appearance: Lane Miserables