"Hey, guys, live and let live!"

Jane's father.

Vincent is a world-traveling photographer who, like much of his family (wife Amanda, children Jane, Trent, Penny, Summer, Wind), spends very little time at home. He seems to have very little actual knowledge of what his children are like.

He has an annoying habit of developing his film in the restroom, which makes things more than a little inconvenient for others in the Lane home.

Vincent says that he and Amanda have worked out marital conflicts in the past through role-playing and the use of large foam rubber bats. It is unknown what conflicts they could possibly have, considering the insignificant amount of time either of them spend at home. They were closer in their youth, when they spent a lot of time together at communes with Jane and presumably others in the Lane clan.

Vincent never met Tom Sloane, because he was in Greece sketching the sunset during the entire course of their relationship.

MTV's website identified Mr. Lane as "Vincent" though his name was never mentioned on the show.


First Appearance: Lane Miserables