"You're what we call "high-risk applicants." I really don't think the bank will give you a loan. Unless, Daria, you want to ask your father to cosign for it."

No name given. Loan officer at a "National Bank".

This loan officer is approached by Daria and Jodie for a business loan - they are actually involved in a school project and are merely going through the motions of getting a loan. He is skeptical at first, telling them they are "high risk" applicants.

Although Jodie does most of the talking, the loan officer focuses on Daria. Jodie assumes (probably correctly) that the loan officer is biased due to her skin color, and becomes angry. When the loan officer realizes Jodie's father is Andrew Landon, he changes his tune in the hopes of doing a little schmoozing, which makes Jodie even angrier, and she storms out.


First Appearance: Partner's Complaint