"Shall we just split a bottle of drain cleaner? Please be assured that my remark was intended in jest and not as an incitement to any type of self-destructive behavior."

Luhrman may be his first or last name - according to him, it doesn't matter. He was a groomsman at Erin and Brianís wedding.

Luhrman is about as low-key as a person can get without being dead. His tone of voice is flatlined and his humor is drier than the Sahara after being rubbed vigorously by several million large towels.

He and Daria get along fairly well. He assist her in confusing the other bridesmaids by going along with her story that she works as a stripper, and claims that she's really very good. Daria gets a good enough impression of him that she invites him along for cheese fries with Aunt Amy, but he declines, preferring to watch the carnage of the wedding gone bad.


First Appearance: I Don't