"Um, Helen, I was just wondering. If there isn't anything more to do, you know, I thought maybe I could go home and say good-bye to my loved ones!"

No last name given. Helen's executive assistant.

Poor Marianne is overstressed and overworked, driven to the point of distraction by Helen's backbreaking schedule. She even feels nervous about asking to leave early when a hurricane strikes Lawndale.

Marianne's job as Helen's assistant means that she must occasionally deal with Daria and Quinn's teachers on the phone, and in fact it is indicated that Marianne talks to the girls' teachers more than Helen does. It is likely she harbors doubts about Helen's commitment as a mother, but is too afraid to say anything (she has good reason to be). She always looks very, very tense, hunching over her keyboard as she works as frantically as possible.


First Appearance: Arts & Crass