"Daria, I was afraid you had some very deep-seated problems, but I must say you're remarkably well-adjusted, considering.


Dr. Millepieds works at the Quiet Ivy retreat used by Helen's Law firm. He gets the unenviable task of interviewing Daria about her family life. Fortunately for him, he is smart enough not to be completely snowed by her, and realizes almost immediately that she uses her sarcastic wit to keep others at bay, and he is even able to talk her into sitting through a full session with him.

Since he is unable to get much from Daria directly, he suggests hypnosis. Daria agrees, but it doesn't work on her. It does work on Quinn, however, who was attracted to Dr. Millepieds' French accent and good looks. She experiences a past-life regression as Queen Cleopatra.

Dr. Millepieds comes to the conclusion that Daria is perfectly fine - it's the rest of her family that's off its collective rocker. This lends a lot of credence to Dr. Millepieds.

One of his other patients is Mrs. Johanssen, who presumably comes to him concerning her obesity issues. Whatever advice he might have given her is overshadowed by Quinn's suggestion that Mrs. Johanssen simply wear vertical stripes instead of polka dots.

Although it gives no insight into Dr. Millepieds' character, it's worth repeating Daria's monologue about her family's psychological essence in a nutshell:

"Mom's resentful that she has to work so hard, which obscures her guilt about actually wanting to work so hard. Dad's guilty about being less driven then Mom, but thinks it's wrong to feel that way, so he hides behind a smokescreen of cluelessness. Quinn wears superficiality like a suit of armor, because she's afraid of looking inside and finding absolutely nothing. And I'm so defended that I actively work to make people dislike me, so I won't feel bad when they do. Can I go now?"


First Appearance: Psycho Therapy