"Helen, we're talking about Jake now. We'll get to your control issues soon."

No name given. Psychologist at the Quiet Ivy retreat.

Interviewing Helen proves a daunting task for this psychologist, who begins with word association and learns quite a bit about Helen in just a few seconds. For instance, when she gives the word "relaxation" Helen comes back with "waste of freaking time".

Eventually, the psychologist interviews Helen and Jake together, followed by a group session with the entire family. She encourages them to try role-playing which has disastrous results as everyone offends everyone else (Helen, in particular, takes it personally). Daria comes away from the experience feeling that the psychologist did more harm than good. She's probably right.

The final report on Helen reads: "Helen Morgendorffer suffers from over-arching (?) competitive aggression, unhealthy self-involvement, a gross insensitivity to others' needs, and an overriding conviction that she is always right."


First Appearance: Psycho Therapy