"I'm not a man, dude - I'm a rocker!"

No last name given.

"Rock & Roll" Randy played hockey on the DJ's team against the Lawndale Faculty. In the year before Daria arrived, he elbowed DeMartino in the chest and sent him to the hospital for emergency surgery. The next year, DeMartino faced him again, and while DeMartino out-performed Randy and stole the ball away, Randy whacked him a good one in the knee and sent him to the floor. He ended up getting a sound thrashing from Ms. Barch.

"Rock & Roll" Randy is seen selling comic books at the Lawndale Flea Market, and on the trolley on the way to the Mall of the Millenium.

During the Lawndale High Homecoming Parade, "Rock & Roll" Randy is seen embracing Dr. Shar.  Perhaps there is romance between them?


First Appearance: Malled