"Money can make anyone beautiful."

Plastic surgeon. Runs a clinic called Dr. Shar's Swan Shoppe.

Dr. Shar is not only the president of Dr. Shar's Swan Shoppe, she's also a client. Quinn and Daria encounter her after Quinn, jealous of Brooke's new nose, decides that she must also get her face altered.

Dr. Shar uses digital manipulation to show her clients how much "better" they'll look after having undergone her procedure, and uses those technique to show Quinn what she'd look like with cheekbones, collagen-injected lips, dimples, blonde hair, and a beauty mark - all available for the low low price of six thousand dollars! She then shows Daria how, with a little work, she can look just like Quinn - for 20 grand.

The rest of the Fashion Club get nose jobs from her, but there isn't any noticeable difference. Brooke also goes back for more, but lives to regret it in the end.

Dr. Shar is not above a little sneaky dealing to get more clients, and suggests ideas to Quinn on how she might get the surgery done without her parents' consent. Fortunately, she needs Daria's help to make it work, and Daria refuses.

As Daria says, Dr. Shar makes a living by making people feel bad about their looks. Fortunately, Quinn is smart enough to follow Daria's advice in the end instead of Dr. Shar's. Daria ends up with a pair of practice boobs out of the deal.

During the Lawndale High Homecoming Parade, Dr. Shar is seen embracing "Rock & Roll" Randy.


First Appearance: Too Cute