"Hell, an eggbeater can be evidence. Why not art?"

No last name given. Shares a cell with Jane in Fremont.

Sally notices Jane doodling on the wall of the cell, and requests a tattoo of some of Jane's art. She receives a monocolored American Flag on her arm. At first Sally is angry that it won't be permanent, but Jane points out that since she only has a rollerball, there's not much choice. Jane also insists that, as the artist, it's up to her to determine the medium of expression.

She was in jail because she attacked her husband with a skillet for saying or doing something stupid (her husband is a judge). Apparently, Sally has a history of this sort of thing, and at least one occasion involved an eggbeater in some way.

Sally's name comes from the official MTV website.  She was voiced by director Karen Disher.


First Appearance: Speedtrapped