"I don't think I've ever given out so many A's before. You're the smartest - and biggest - first graders I've ever seen."

No first name given. Substitute teacher.

Mrs. Stoller is hired as a substitute when the Lawndale High teachers go on strike. She is an elderly woman who's not quite all there - she's so used to teaching first graders that she assumes the students in what would be DeMartino's history class *are* first graders.

She changes Daria's name to Darlene because she thinks it's prettier (Daria later excuses herself from Mrs. Stoller's class by writing a note from "Miss Darlene"). She must remind Kevin to sit up straight and scolds him for trying to fool her by writing "Kevin" on his test paper when he had previously said his name was "QB".

Mrs. Stoller shows a tendency to fall asleep in class.


First Appearance: Lucky Strike