"Being a model is all I've ever wanted to be! I mean besides being the girlfriend of the cutest guy on the team! Oh, and winning the national high school cheerleading championship! Oh yeah, and helping the starving kids in the desert, or wherever…"

Head Cheerleader at Lawndale High. One of the popular students.

Brittany is rather typical of the bubbleheaded bleach-blonde: perky, squeaky, busty, flirtatious, and not terribly bright. While she is not as stupid as her boyfriend Kevin, she certainly isn't one of your great thinkers. She has very large breasts, which she insists are natural.

Brittany is secure enough in her popularity such that she doesn't mind associating with the less popular, even to the point of inviting them to parties. She is actually a nice person, even though she's occasionally insulting without meaning to be.

She aspires to be a model, which is probably a good thing as she isn't suited for much of anything else. She's also interested in a career as a stage actress, though her talents in this area are abysmal. Her standard outfit is her cheerleading uniform. She has a cheer for every occasion.

Brittany dates Kevin, and the two of them seem well-suited to each other. Although Brittany often becomes upset at Kevin's tendency to "sample" other girls, she herself is often guilty of similar transgressions (with other guys). Kevin's stupidity also gets on her nerves from time to time. Her response to this is often physical in nature. The two of them are sexually active and have been since their sophomore year in high school.

Somehow, Brittany has picked up a rather detailed knowledge of guerilla warfare tactics.

On at least one occasion, Brittany experimented with a Goth look, but found it didn't suit her very well. Her hair was streaked black and gray for some time afterward.

When Kevin injured himself on his moped, Brittany tried desperately to console him, but he insisted they couldn't be a couple anymore because he could no longer be the QB. Brittany was devastated, to the point where it seriously affected her cheerleading ability.

Brittany and Kevin worked as lifeguards at a local pool for the summer before their senior year. Their job performance left a lot to be desired, and Brittany was further distressed by her hair turning green from the chlorine. They were fired after an excessively amorous demonstration of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and ended up taking over Mack's job as an ice cream man.

Brittany's fellow cheerleaders like her a lot, though they all recognize that she's not very bright.

Her favorite kind of pizza is "cheeseless bell pepper".

Brittany (and most of the rest of the cheerleading squad) applied and was accepted into Great Prairie State University, thus indicating that their acceptance standards aren't terribly high. Kevin flunked his senior year of high school - Brittany promised to wait for him, but did so with her fingers crossed.

(Note:  In an interview, Daria creator Glenn Eichler claimed to have based Brittany's character upon Jenny McCarthy, whom he met during his early days at MTV.)


First Appearance: Esteemsters