"Hey Helen, why aren't you eating? Not trying to keep your girlish figure at your age, are you?"

No other name given. Owner of Tokyo Toby's restaurant.

"Tokyo" Toby is approached by Jake Morgendorffer as a potential client. He serves up sushi to both Jake and Helen at his restaurant, and is fairly generous with the sake. Helen isn't impressed with either his manner or his sushi, which she drops piece by piece into her lap rather that eating it.

This proves to be a wise move, as Tokyo Toby seems to have been supplied with questionable sushi that comes with bonus parasites, one of which takes up residence in Jake's digestive tract. Jake is hesitant to mention it at first, as Toby agrees to hire him. Apparently, Jake isn't the first victim of Toby's worm-ridden sushi, but Toby himself seems unconcerned and even gets angry with Jake over the whole incident when Jake finally brings it up (literally). Needless to say, Tokyo Toby’s and Jake Morgendorffer Consulting do not form any sort of business relationship, which probably spells doom for Tokyo Toby's as the restaurant is really a dump and could probably have benefited even from Jake's advice.


First Appearance: My Night at Daria's