"You hang onto that car five years, you've saved ten grand in repairs. And since your original budget for the car was ten grand, well, fellas, it's like you just got yourself a car for free!"

No name given. Salesman at Honest Lee's New and Used Autos.

This salesman works with Kevin and Mack, who are involved in an economics class project and are going through the motions of buying a car. He's a fast-talking, very slick salesman who is easily able to talk Kevin into the idea that spending $20,000 on a car is a lot cheaper than $10,000. Mack, of course, is not so easily convinced, but Kevin falls for it hook, line, and sinker, even to the point of actually signing the paperwork on the car and leaving a cash down-payment. Kevin returns the car the next day, but presumably loses his cash.


First Appearance: Partner's Complaint