July 10, 2005


Deref & Thea Zara
All My Children: Chapter 15

Kara Wild
Driven Wild Universe Primer

Kristen Bealer
Country Wisdom
A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

Lawndale History, Times, People, Etc.

Mike Quinn
Essay: The Fashion Club Dynamic
Essay: The Hidden Intelligence Theory
Essay: The Ladder Theory (of Daria and Quinn)
Essay: The Running Gag Theory

Milderbeast & Deref
The Many Loves of Thalia Gillis

Richard Lobinske
Alien Heritage
Falling Into College: For This, We’re Thankful
Falling Into College: A Few Important Details
First Summer: Publicly Related
First Summer: Leading Example
John Lane: Sitting Cute
John Lane: Morgendorffer Prison Blues

The Angst Guy
Essay: Jane and the Lanes: An Essay about the Lane Family of Lawndale [Updated]
Essay: Jane Lane: Hero in the Making?

Fan Art

Angelinhel & Richard Lobinske
Evil Daria ['Three' by Richard Lobinske]

World Lines: Lux Vivendi. A digital painting evoked by the detailed description of Jane Lane's creation for Quinn. The lines represent life paths of characters in the 'Daria' stories. The background photograph was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. ['Quinntessence (Part 2)' by Deref] [Notes]

A picture of the original 'punk' Jane. A picture of Daria and Jane about to smooch. Daria conflicted over her glasses and contacts. Daria bloodied up. This picture is sort of based on 'Carrie.' Sitting on bed, Daria is deep in thought. Before and after A drawing of what Daria looked like before her own show and then after it started.

Going Out

Napalm Krigbaum
The Highland Blues: Midget or dwarf

Nick "Ranchoth" Gaston
A scene from the fanfic 'Darius' ['Darius' by The Angst Guy]


Home: Added a new Highlight.
Episodes: Added Mike's Delayed Reaction Reviews for all 65 episodes, both movies, and comprehensive reviews of seasons 3 and 4.
Episodes: Added several missing episode summaries for season 2.
Quotes: Added feature to allow users to add to the Random Quotes list.
Interactive: Added Hangman game.
Take Action: Updated the address to Contact MTV.
Tidbits: Added "Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Ever Have" Part V and Part VI
Tidbits: Re-arranged contents alphabetically.
Webmaster: Re-added the Guestbook.
Webmaster: Added brief site history to the About Me page.