May 23, 2005


CharlieGirl, The Angst Guy, & Angelinhel

Deref & Thea Zara
All My Children: Chapter 13
All My Children: Chapter 14

The Dammitall Run: Chapters 0-3

Dr Mike
Removed all fan fiction

E. A. Smith
The Tempest

Gregor Samsa
Attack of the Fifty Foot Fashion Club
Daria Babies: Out of the Playpen
Morgendorffer P.I
Ms Morgendorffer’s Profession
Notes From Lawndale

Ranger Thorne
Rockabye Sweet Baby Jane

Last Stage Out

Richard Lobinske
Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Monique’s Subtraction
When My Guitar Gently Bleeds
Falling Into College: A Part That’s Gained
Falling Into College: Esteeming Lysistrata
Falling Into College: Bump in the Night
Falling Into College: The Last Piece Falls
The John Lane Series: New Model Year

The Angst Guy
The Amazing Adventures of D-Day and the Mighty Jane!
And When Your Heart Begins to Bleed [Updated]
Aunt Kara [Updated]
But Now Is Found
Easy A
Jane Unchained [Updated]
Nine-Eleven and Counting [Updated]
Who Once Was Lost
Pause in the Air: Thanks Giving [Updated]

Fan Art

Beatnik Shaggy
Imagining Jane Imagining

Damaged Roses
Dariaverse Meets Dariaverse ['Illusions' by CharlieGirl, The Angst Guy, and Angelinhel]

Dr Mike
Removed all artwork

Frank Harbuck
Sliced or diced? ['The Lawndale Factor' by Frank Harbuck]

Kemical Reaxion
Fashion Faux-Pas The Dolls of Lawndale High. Created using a doll maker website. Daria and Trent as Helga and Arnold from 'Hey Arnold!' What big eyes you have!

Napalm Krigbaum
The Highland Blues: Renting movies The Highland Blues: Boot shopping Out on DVD?

Richard Lobinske
The gown Jane wore to the inaugural meeting of the honor society. ['Out of the Frying Pan' by Richard Lobinske] Daria dressed as Depth Takes a Holiday's Halloween ['Bump in the Night' by Richard Lobinske]

Young Daria and an alien invader take a story break to comment on the author. ['But Now Is Found' by The Angst Guy]


Removed The Daria-Jane Conspiracy from the links page.
Updated the Highlights section on the main page.
Minor updates to the About Me page.
Re-named author and artist links.
Re-organized fanfic illustrations.