Brother Grimace

It’s All About Respect
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Jake takes on a beautiful new client while Daria enrolls in a ‘special’ seminar in school – and everyone around them is caught in the fallout of conspiracy, betrayal, and self-revelation. A multi-part fic.
A ‘Sick’ Daria Commercial A twisted little TV spot inspired by the PPMB’s ‘Iron Chef’ competitions.
A Slice Of Pizza Set about a year after the events of ‘IICY?’, two old friends meet back at a old high school hangout, and discuss ‘the road not taken’.
Another Stupid Daria Internship Fic Who would take Daria on as an intern? Who would she intern for? The answers are within, along with some surprising cameos!
BTG-4 Submission Originally meant to act as an introduction for ‘It’s All About Respect’, this piece details a few, well, moments in the lives of the Lawndale characters.
Getting On With Living A ‘Iron Chef’ themed fic dealing with Jane and her feelings about her relationship with Young Master Thomas.
Lunch Hour In Lawndale A fic that is to ‘It’s All About Respect’ what ‘Sealed With A Kick’ is to ‘Daria’.
The Bear and The Unicorn A Valentine’s Day- themed ‘Iron Chef’ featuring Jake and Helen.
The Almond Ninjas! Stacy gets a few unexpected visitors in her room one night.
The Devil In Miss Morgendorffer Daria pulls a prank that goes too far. Retaliation is swift and harsh, with little box-hats and gold lame bolero jackets. Llamas suffer in the aftermath.
Unca Trent’s Advice Twenty-some years from now, Trent Lane’s nephew gets to the ‘bottom’ of why some adults shouldn’t be listened to.
The Big Wedding Written by ‘Lyman Moneychanger’ (hey, who’s he?), Daria and Trent’s big day is here...or is it?
Victory Lane My entry in CINCGREEN’s ‘Fanfic Throwdown’, it’s a AU take on the events of ‘Esteemsters’, and Jane’s track career.
The Thieving Pizza Fairies Daria gets another stupid assignment, and Jane tries to help out. Weirdness commences.
A Path Of Roses And Thorns Daria’s Aunt Amy is getting married! Told in flashback from the wedding day itself, it’s the story of how Aunt Amy managed to get on that bumpy road to the altar!
A Path Of Roses And Thorns, Part II The story of Daria’s favorite aunt’s trip down the aisle continues, complete with more bumps!
A Letter to Mr. Ruttheimer An ‘Iron Chef’ challenge finds Charles Ruttheimer, aka ‘Upchuck’, receiving mail from behind the forth wall.
Pet Food A heartbreaking AU fic about my favorite character in the ‘Falling Into College’ post-canon series.
Tapped Potentials Who would have ever guessed that Daria would have gotten something useful from her time in Highland? Not Our Heroine, who gets an unusual ability!
Air Bed Daria has unusual dreams… or are they?
The Garbage Men And Their Muse A Helen-centric fanfic, from a very unusual point of view.
3-D Chess Based on a 'Fantasy Themes' 'Iron Chef' challenge, the Greek God of the Underworld deals with the Misery Chick of Lawndale. Shudders of fear are experienced.
The One Day We Forget The first of three BG/Angelinhel challenges, it involves Quinn and Jake taking a trip, and paying tribute to an unexpected person from his past.
Lunchtime, Doubly So The Fashion Club, years after their days at Lawndale High. What the hell happened-?
It’s Time To Duel! It’s Yu-Gi-Oh! It’s The adults of Lawndale! It’s an ‘Iron Chef’! It’s very short!
The Trouble With Veronica A trip to a familiar place gives some insight into the third Morgendorffer daughter.
A Chunk Of A Conversation A quickfic based on PPMB’s ‘The Killing Game’ thread, Daria and Quinn talk about the Parents’ college lives…

The Visitations Series
The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow My first fic and the first of the ‘Visitations’ series, Daria meets up with a well-dressed man and in the process, discovered things about herself that makes her question everything that she stands for.
Shipping Overnight The second of the ‘Visitations’ fanfics, Trent has a few drinks and discusses his feelings about a certain pair of siblings.
Like Sandi, In The Hourglass The third ‘Visitations’ fic has an AU turn, as Sandi from TLAS takes a good look at herself…
Helen, The Depths Of Her Own Mind In the fourth ‘Visitations’ fic, Helen comes to find that she and her eldest child DO have something in common…
He’s The QB Set a few years after his graduation, Kevin meets the well-dressed man and ‘Forrest Gump’s his way through the experience. Part 5 in the ‘Visitations’ series.