The Timeline For The Chris Series - Hell is To Follow Series Despite what you have read this is how the timeline actually is.
Author Must Be Destroyed! Tired of these stories Chris, Daria, Jane, and Quinn look for a way to destroy MFC. But are shocked when they find out that he's in Lawndale!
Down With Noggin
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Chris, Jane, and Daria decide to go see how Lawndale is holding up without them and they are shocked at what is happening to the people in Lawndale.

The Chris Series
The Goth Kid A strange new kid moves into to Lawndale named Chris Donnelly, and mysteriously Lawndale students start disappearing.
How Chris Got His Life Back Chris gets tired of his popularity so he turns to Daria to help get everyone to stop pestering him. What he doesn't know is that Daria is falling for him.
Daria The Vampire Slayer Vampires start invading Lawndale and it's up to Daria, Quinn, Jane, and Chris to stop them.
Night Of The Living Dead Townspeople Hatred Sandi has toward Chris comes to a full out battle when Sandi learns how to become a powerful zombie and starts turning others into zombies.
A Nightmare At Lawndale
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This basically starts off where "Night Of The Living Dead Townspeople" left off.
Lawndale Goes To Hell Chris is revived but our heroes face new problems.
H13: Hell On The 13th Just when things settle down in Lawndale, two more horror movie monsters stumble into Lawndale.
Chris's Last Stand Quinn revives the Fashion Club but by doing so she accidentally revives Chris in the process. And Chris isn't too happy.

Hell In A Hand Basket
The Origin Chris finds out that Satan won't send HIM back to Earth to kill Daria, Quinn, Jane, and the rest of Lawndale but he'll sure send something Chris created up.
The Arrival This story starts off where the 1st one left off.
The Real Chaos Begins Of course you know what happens this story starts where Part 2 left off.
The Battle Begins You guessed it 4 starts off where 3 left off. And by the title people are going to die.
Sweet Vengence You'd know if you read the other stories.

Live The Movies
It Begins All of Lawndale gets stuck in a bunch of movies due to Chris who has found a loophole in the system and now has control of the world.
Enter "The Crow" To get the Earth back Daria, Jane, and Quinn have to go through 3 stages each from a movie. The first stage is the move "The Crow".
The Next Movie After their 20-minute break. Daria, Jane, Quinn, and the rest of Lawndale end up in the movie "Mortal Kombat".
The Final Battle The last story of Live The Movies.

Hell Is To Follow
Old Enemies Takes place a month after "Live The Movies". Evil Chris has rounded up a bunch of Chris's enemies from other stories plus one new one to come and destroy Lawndale.
The Bad, Good, and Pink A portal opens up in the world of DBZ during the fight between Vegito and Majin Buu. Majin Buu is sucked in the portal and he is now in Lawndale and he's after Chris!
Jealously With A Captial 3 Js Tired of Quinn going steady with Chris, Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie are granted supernatural powers by Evil Chris. The 3 Js use their powers to win Quinn's attention back to them even if they have to kill Chris.
The Lawndale Chainsaw Massacre Chris is on vacation but all is not well when Leatherface shows up in Lawndale and without the help of Chris is Lawndale doomed?
Send In The Drones An evil Wizard has made identical clones of everyone in Lawndale except two small factor all the clones have red eyes and they are a lot smarter... wait the real Chris has red eyes too!
Pinch Sitter 2 Quinn can't get Daria to baby-sit The Guptys again and she can't get Chris to do it ether so it looks like Quinn will have to spend a night with Tad and Tricia.
Paintball Day This starts off from the end of Pinch Sitter 2. The paintball match has begun and a various cartoon characters from different shows arrive in Lawndale it's all out war.
Hellraiser: Pinhead's Revenge It's not even a minute after Paintball Day and Pinhead decided to show up.