Mike Yamiolkoski

Outage During a power failure, Jane gets stuck in an elevator with Sandi.
Quinnderella In which a scullery maid with bouncy hair and fashionable stepsisters finds she has trouble keeping her shoes on.
Is Summer Over Already?
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After a summer of Art Colonies and OK to Cry Corrals, there's still the whole Tom thing to figure out. In two chapters.
Community Disservice
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A pre-season 5 fic in which the students of Lawndale High are forced into community service jobs.
Would You Like To Take A Survey? Part II Sandi, Stacy, Tiffany, and Jamie provide their own unique, thought-provoking answers to an email survey. A continuation of "Would You Like To Take a Survey?"
Would You Like To Take A Survey? Part III Brittany, Upchuck, Jodie, and Mr. O'Neill answer some tough questions in an email survey.
The Next Step Like so many of us, Tom has a hard time letting go of Daria...
Guardian This story takes a deeper look at "Groped by an Angel."