The Alchemist

The Missing Link When Link goes missing, will Daria be able to track him down before the worst occurs?
Memories Daria wakes up in a somewhat compromising situation, with little memory of the previous night. Will she figure out the mystery of what happened?
A Small Stumble for Stacy When Mr. DeMartino singles out Stacy in class, will she be able to meet his challenge while remaining in the fashion club?
Midterm Mania When midterms strike Lawndale, how will Daria and the rest of Lawndale's finest deal with the stress?
Power Struggles When a nuclear power plant comes to Lawndale, all hell breaks loose. Will anyone escape the malestrom unscathed?
The Last Straw In the aftermath of Power Struggles, Daria is pushed too far. What will she do to effect a return to normalacy? And how will Quinn handle her new situation?
The Games We Play See the world through the eyes of Daria, Jane, Quinn, Tom, and Helen in each of the micro-fics. This 'fic' is actually five seperate fics, one each for each character, detailing their experiences over a two-day block.
On This Night, A Star is Born Daria suffers a party to help a friend, leading to some interesting consequences.
A Very Daria Christmas Christmas Special