"You have a fan club? Cool!"

No last name given. Daria's old "friend" from Camp Grizzly.

Amelia was the closest thing Daria had to a friend at Camp Grizzly - though it was more of a one-way friendship, as Amelia felt Daria was the coolest girl on Earth while Daria found Amelia rather annoying. When they meet at a camp reunion, Amelia is thrilled to see Daria, surprising Jane, who never knew Daria had a "fan club".

She attempts to reminisce with Daria about a number of things that she remembers as enormous fun, but which Daria remembers as humiliating and painful - for instance, when Daria took off on her horse and left them all behind (in reality, the horse bolted with Daria on it and tossed her into the river). Without meaning to, Amelia merely succeeds in seriously ticking Daria off.

Amelia seems rather timid and unsure of herself, which is one of the reasons why she admires Daria. For instance, she's afraid for Daria's sake when Daria makes a few of her trademark comments at the expense of Skip Stevens, self-proclaimed boss of the camp. This leads to Daria going on a tirade about how everyone at camp is a bunch of followers, including Amelia herself because she always follows Daria around. Amelia is hurt and angered by this.

In the end, Daria's harsh words do Amelia some good, as she gets up the courage to directly challenge Skip's little dictatorship and announces to the whole camp that she's not going to be a follower anymore, and thanks Daria publicly for showing her the way. She does it in a fairly backhanded manner, however, saying that she doesn't care if she ends up like Daria (rude, unpleasant, friendless, and possessing no regard for anyone's feelings) because it's worth it to her to be able to stand up for herself. She then throws her T-shirt at Skip, thus starting a veritable T-shirt crossfire with Skip in the middle.

She and Daria are able to make up afterwards, as Amelia apologizes and Daria admits that she had a point.

(Note: It is possible that Amelia represents all of us fans to whom the "real" Daria would probably react much the same way as she does to Amelia. Scary thought.)


First Appearance: Camp Fear