"Amelia, thanks for telling off that jerk. And Daria, I guess I never knew you could be such an inspiration."

A fairly large crowd gathers for the Camp Grizzly reunion along with Daria and Quinn.

While Quinn was popular with her fellow campers, Daria was referred to as "the Weird Kid" and didn't really get along with anyone except Amelia. None of the other campers even recognize Daria's name until reminded of her nickname.

The campers as a group tend to follow Skip Stevens, self-proclaimed Big Man on Camp, even though they all secretly despise him. Daria attributes this to herd-like behavior.

One of the campers at the reunion approaches Amelia and Daria after Amelia's big speech against Skip and thanks Amelia for putting him in his place - and remarks on how she never knew Daria was such a role model.

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First Appearance: Camp Fear