"And where does she get off attacking Camp Grizzly when she's been the worst camper ever? And doesn't even try to sing… and never even won anything! You know, camp builds character, and if you're not tough enough…"

Old acquaintance of Daria's from Camp Grizzly.

Skip was the self-proclaimed Big Man On Camp, and had a very forceful way of spreading around camp spirit. Just as an example, he used to compel his fellow campers to sing such horrors as "We'll never forget you, dear old camp Grizzly / We're with you in sunshine, and weather more drizzly." He attended Camp Grizzly for seven years, and never lost a "color war" in all that time.

A very annoying and self-deluded guy, Skip thinks of himself as the embodiment of Camp Grizzly spirit, and enjoys such activities as passing out T-shirts to his fellow campers, rallying behind the considerably less enthusiastic camp director (Mr. Potts), and chasing off suspected members of Camp Puma. He cooks up the burgers for the lunch as well, and becomes very upset when Daria takes a burger without his say-so. And this is all just at the reunion - from what we see of his actual time at camp, he was even more unbearable.

When he was a camper at Grizzly, Skip went out of his way to play hard at the various activities - on one occasion, he pulled Daria into the lake because she wasn't joining in on her own. He also approached Quinn and her friends (Tracy, Cindy, Tatiana) to join in, but they refused in no uncertain terms. He accused them of having no camp spirit.

At the reunion, Skip spends at least half his time at the microphone, leading the former campers in song and strutting his stuff - until an angered Amelia puts him in his place and turns the rest of the camp against him as well, showering him with the T-shirts he'd passed around a while back. Skip pleads with Mr. Potts for support, but Mr. Potts is essentially on the side of the campers, and tells Skip not to be so obsessed with the camp.

In the end, Skip doesn't learn a damn thing, as he's still going on about the glory of Camp Grizzly and how everyone else is lacking in spirit as he gives Quinn a ride home.


First Appearance: Camp Fear