"Try not to take out the ring for six months, or it'll close up and we'll have to pierce it again. Don't get scared when the mucous starts pouring out. Put some of this antiseptic stuff on, and take 50 milligrams a day of um, some metal or other... zinc, aluminum, I forget."

No last name given.

Axl runs a Piercing & Tattooing shop on Degas Street, and has quite a collection of piercings himself. Trent is a regular customer, as is Monique.

He has a Cockney accent, lots of tattoos down his harms, and pierced eyebrows, ears, nose, presumably his tongue, and God knows what else.

Axl services Daria and Trent when they stop in while searching for a birthday gift for Jane. Trent talks Daria into getting her navel pierced so that they can take advantage of a two-for one special. At first, Axl complains he can't do it with Daria shaking so badly, but when Trent holds her hand she calms down sufficiently to get the job done. It is not revealed where exactly Trent got pierced to fulfill the second part of the two-for-one special.

Axl takes a relaxed attitude toward his work, not particularly caring whether his clients show proof that they're eighteen, and he tends to be a little vague about how to care for the piercing so it doesn't get infected.


First Appearance: Pierce Me