"I'm thinking of leaving, for real this time. Start my own band."

No last name given.

Monique is a friend of Trent's, was once in a band with him, and they occasionally date. Their relationship seems unstable, as they break up frequently. She is also the lead singer of a band called the Harpies, and apparently breaks up with them on a regular basis as well.

She is extremely thin, pale, and dresses revealingly. (Quinn guesses she's a size six, though she looks even thinner than that.) As a regular customer of Axl's Piercing Parlor, she has several piercings and perhaps tattoos. She seems to have an outgoing personality. She compliments Trent on his talents as a musician, though it's uncertain whether she's serious or just being friendly - or trying to get into his pants.

Monique and Trent date off and on, though their relationship is rocky at best. It seems they spend a lot of time arguing and often stay up late breaking up. After one particular date where they break up until four AM, Monique is never seen in Trent's company again. Perhaps she and Trent finally broke up permanently.

She is seen in the crowd at the Homecoming Parade, right before Daria encounters Tad Gupty.


First Appearance: Pierce Me