"That was pretty good. But good enough to win a T-shirt? I don't think so!"

Real name unknown. Wacky morning DJ opposite the Spatula Man.

Bing is half the Z-93 morning DJ team, the ever-so-slightly less annoying half. He is a skinny, bespectacled man who wears a rainbow afro wig. He and the Spatula Man come and broadcast at Lawndale High at Ms. Li's invitation.

It seems that Bing generally plays second fiddle to the Spatula Man, handing out the cheap prizes while Spatula Man makes an ass of himself.

Bing eventually entices Daria to take up the microphone, whereupon she makes a short speech about how her father recently had a heart attack and how Bing and Spatula's constant harassment has made things worse for her. They respond by shutting down and driving away - but unfortunately, they show up the next day at the Pizza King.

Bing and the Spatula Man are based on real DJ's Buck and O'Connor from Milwaukee’s Z-95. Their show was on in the early '80s.


First Appearance: Jake of Hearts