"Hey, Lawndale High! Are you ready to par-tay crazy?"

Real name unknown. Wacky Morning DJ opposite Bing.

The Spatula Man is an overweight, balding guy who makes up half of Z-93's morning DJ team. He is loud and obnoxious, and seems convinced that everyone wants to listen to him and can't wait to be part of his radio show.

He and Bing show up at Lawndale High and broadcast there for a week from the Z-93 party van as part of a fundraiser sponsored by Ms. Li. Among his "hilarious" antics are trying to get a date for Upchuck, reading off a raunch-a-riffic list of 101 words for sex, and attempting a stage dive on tip of the Fashion Club (they wisely get out of his way and let him face plant into the asphalt).

The Spatula Man, for some reason, is determined to get Daria to say something on the air, offering such incentives as bumper stickers and key chains. She finally consents and delivers a speech about how her father recently had a heart attack and how Bing and Spatula have been annoying her all week. The Z-93 party van leaves impressive tire marks on the pavement on its way out. Unfortunately, they show up later at the Pizza King.

It is not known why The Spatula Man has chosen to name himself after a kitchen utensil.

Bing and the Spatula Man are based on real DJ's Buck and O'Connor from Milwaukee’s Z-95. Their show was on in the early '80s.


First Appearance: Jake of Hearts