"Does this make me look fat?"

Student at Lawndale High and member of the fashion club.

Tiffany is the coordinating officer of the fashion club. She is probably the least intelligent member of the club, and that's really saying something.

She speaks with a long, drawn-out husky whisper, slowly and vacantly, as if it takes a long time for her thoughts to catch up with her words. Tiffany is not what you'd call one of your great independent thinkers, and tends to agree with whomever spoke last.

Tiffany is hyper-obsessed with her own appearance, to a degree that makes her stand out even from her fashion-club friends. She is always asking for her friends' opinions on how she looks. The many pictures of herself around her room are another indicator of borderline narcissistic behavior. There is a mirror in the girls bathroom that adds two pounds - Tiffany claims it haunts her.

Tiffany compares dating to warfare at one point.

On at least one occasion, Tiffany volunteered to do Social Skills Counseling at Lawndale High. Her counseling skills proved less than extraordinary, especially since she reads at the speed of a garden slug.

Tiffany is easily distressed by things that are "gross".

During the Homecoming parade, she suggests that they do a makeover on someone from the crowd, and points out that Daria would be the perfect subject. She is of the opinion that everyone appreciates that the Fashion Club goes around telling people what's wrong with their outfits.

When Sandi resigns from the fashion club, Tiffany seems to simply go with the flow (and is even happy about it). Even after Quinn resigns too and Tiffany becomes the president, she's fairly blasť, though she is saddened by Quinn's departure. She proves very bad at the job, unable or unwilling to suggest topics or talk about them in an intelligible way, which eventually frustrates Stacy to the point of quitting.  She seems to learn something from the experience, however, as she becomes more willing that before to state her own opinions rather than simply agreeing with Sandi.

At the close of her junior year, Tiffany elects to take a sabbatical from the Fashion Club when she sees Stacy and Quinn do the same thing, thus leaving Sandi the sole member and effectively disbanding the club.


First Appearance: The Invitation