"Oh no! Was it something I said? Something I did?"

Student at Lawndale High and Secretary of the Fashion Club.

Stacy is very insecure and somewhat na´ve. She has a compulsive need to fit in with the popular crowd and almost never stands up for herself. Those few occasions when she tries, she is generally shouted down by Sandi, or occasionally Quinn.

She has a deep craving to be appreciated by her friends, and will often compliment them profusely in a hope to win similar praise in return, though this usually doesn't happen. She once went on at great length to Quinn about how she was her best friend, but Quinn didn't seem to hear. Stacy is also very emotional - the least little thing will cause her to burst into tears. One such occasion was during the Lawndale Medieval Fair, where she cried inconsolably about being dumped by Bret Strand. Daria and Jane were less than sympathetic, but still more so than Stacy's actual friends were.

Stacy has a peculiar fascination with things that are objectively icky. Occasionally, she must be reminded by her friends in the Fashion Club that she mustn't talk about gross things. She also bites her fingernails when nervous. She beats her pillow rather viciously before going to sleep at night, ostensibly because she's trying to avoid "pillow hair" - but the sheer violence of her pillow-punching leads one to wonder if she isn't working off hidden aggressions.

She wears a watch with an undisclosed cartoon character on it (an interesting irony, as she *is* a cartoon character).

During the Homecoming parade, she accidentally passes out all the Fashion Club's head shots too early, angering Sandi. She later assists Sandi in capturing Daria to use as a makeover subject, and offers the use of her scrunchie.

When Sandi resigns from the fashion club over her own unexpected weight gain, Stacy finds things in the club to be far more to her liking, immediately pledging her support to Quinn as the new president. When Quinn also resigns, Stacy is devastated, but carries on as best she can until it becomes clear to her that the club just doesn't work when it's only her and Tiffany. She shows real backbone for the first time when she yells at Tiffany and quits. After the club is restored, Stacy keeps her newfound confidence - she even sets up Sandi for a fall by joining Upchuck's magic act, pretending everything goes wrong, then chastising Sandi for being na´ve. She also secretly keeps a caricature drawing that shows her friends with distorted features but shows Stacy herself as cherubically adorable.

Stacy almost slips back into her old doormat pattern when she wishes on a birthday candle that Sandi would shut up, and Sandi develops laryngitis. Thinking it's her fault, Stacy reverts briefly to her old submissive ways before coming to her senses and deciding that it's not worth being in the Fashion Club if she must be Sandi's sycophant. The club is disbanded as a result of Stacy, Quinn, and Tiffany all deciding to go on permanent sabbatical, though the Fashion Foursome remain friends.


First Appearance: Esteemsters