"Wait, you guys were just *saying* it was cute?"

Student at Lawndale High.

Brooke got a nose job from Dr. Shar, which started and argument among her fellow students about how cute it was or wasn't, and then began a trend at Lawndale for nose jobs and made Quinn consider cosmetic surgery herself. Brooke went on to have her lower pair of ribs removed to make her slimmer, got liposuctioned, and had her lips injected. Each new step seemed to contribute further to her growing popularity, making Quinn all the more insecure about herself.

Brooke soon shows interest in joining the Fashion Club, which really scares Quinn, who starts trying to take up a collection for her own cosmetic surgery.

Unfortunately for Brooke, her nose job ends up caving in in a case of "nasal relapse", and her upper lip injection slides down to the lower lip. Quinn decides, based mostly on this, not to go through with her own surgical plans, and the status quo of the Fashion Club is restored. She presumably got her face repaired at some point, as she is seen later looking more normal (though still completely fake).

Brooke is often held up by the fashion club as an example of a fashion wannabe - for instance, Quinn pointedly observes that her so-called velvet top is actually crushed velour. On another occasion, she apparently showed up at a party wearing acid-washed jeans an tried to pass them off as retro (if you can imagine such a social gaffe).


First Appearance: Too Cute