"I need one of those little cottages all made out of gingerbread."

The personification of Christmas Day.

Christmas prefers to be known as "X" - short for Xmas. He is portrayed as a blond all-American boy with a Santa hat. He and two other holidays, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day, left Holiday Island to form a band in Lawndale. He claims he was tired of spreading love and joy 24 hours a day.

The absence of Christmas from Holiday Island causes a major drop in toy sales, but nothing further of consequence seems to follow. While crashing at Daria's house, "X" requests sugar cookies and gingerbread houses, but comes up short on both.

He and Guy Fawkes Day have a spat with Halloween when she refuses to share her paycheck, but Daria interrupts the battle with news of a paying gig back at Holiday Island.

Christmas plays guitar for "The Holidays" along with Halloween, Guy Fawkes Day, and Trent.

(If none of this seems to make any sense, blame the writers.)


First Appearance: Depth Takes a Holiday