"Well, I'd probably say... bollocks! But that's just a natural reflex."

The personification of Guy Fawkes Day.

Guy Fawkes Day is portrayed as a British punk rocker (perhaps based specifically on Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols), with spiky hair and a leather jacket. He's very fond of using the expletive "Bollocks". He left Holiday Island and came to Lawndale with Christmas and Halloween to start a band.

The disappearance of Guy Fawkes Day from Holiday Island seems to have no effect on the world in general, save the demise of Falstaff's Kidney Pie stand at Lawndale Mall - of course, one would assume that the place didn't have too bright a future anyway. He spends his time at Daria's house watching TV and complaining about what an imbecilic country America is.

Jane thinks he's cute, but finds his personality grating and constantly wants to deck him.

Guy Fawkes Day is the lead singer for "The Holidays" the band formed by the two other errant Holidays and Trent.

(If none of this seems to make any sense, blame the writers.)


First Appearance: Depth Takes a Holiday