"When I unveiled "Paper Plate Genocide" in 1991, it was hailed as intriguing, provocative, even brilliant. And not just by me."

Artist/mentor at the Ashfield Community for the Arts.

Daniel is a legend in his own mind - an "artist" whose works include such travesties as "Paper Plate Genocide" which is simply a tripod of spears shoved through a few paper plates. He claims his work has received much acclaim, though one wonders how.

He definitely talks the talk of the artiste, claiming to grab inspiration from such unlikely places as the glint of sun on a frozen peak, the pain of an arthritic's hobble, and a lover's whisper in the dark. Most of the art colony attendees seem completely taken in by his spiel, particularly Paris. Notable exceptions are Jane and Alison, who make sarcastic commentary just out of earshot during his presentation.

Daniel is obviously not above having casual sex with his fellow artists at the colony. It can be assumed that he and Paris got together, and there's plenty to suggest that he spent some quality alone time with Alison as well.

Jane sums Daniel up quite nicely when she remarks that he "certainly doesn't let substance get in the way of self-congratulatory yap."


First Appearance: Is It Fall Yet?