"No offense, Jane, but aren't you still in high school? How much can you know about art at this point?"

No last name given. One of the artists at the Ashfield Community for the Arts.

Paris is one of many stuck-up young artists Jane meets at an artist's colony where she spends the summer. She shares a house along with Jane, Caroline, Jett, and Ana´s. She has platinum blonde hair cut in a trendy style.

Along with many of her fellow artists, Paris is completely taken with Daniel Dotson, an artist/mentor at the camp whose talent, in Jane's eyes, leaves much to be desired. It is suggested that Paris and Daniel had sex - which is overwhelmingly likely to actually be the case. She gets a distinctly jealous and peeved look when Daniel moves on to Caroline.

Paris is utterly unimpressed with Jane, claiming that someone who's still in high school can't know very much about art. When it is pointed out by Alison that Jane, like everyone else, submitted a portfolio to get in, Paris leaves the room and takes her friends with her.


First Appearance: Is It Fall Yet?